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Intermediate Microeconomics Video Handbook (IMVH) 2020-9


About This Course

The objectives of the Intermediate Microeconomics Video Handbook are to convey the basic concepts, intuition, and analytical steps for the neoclassical theory of consumers, producers, and markets, and also for important settings beyond the neoclassical model (monopoly and key applications of game theory such as imperfect competition, imperfect information, public goods, and externalities).

The main concepts are all presented without calculus. Lectures with “(Calculus)” in their titles contain the more formal definitions and results that require calculus, as well as additional content. Students in courses that do not use calculus should view all of the video lectures except those marked “(Calculus).” Students in calculus-based courses should view all of the video lectures.

The Intermediate Microeconomics Video Handbook was developed and is maintained by Professors Joel Watson, Melissa Famulari, Mark Machina, Julie Cullen, Simone Galperti, and Paul Niehaus of the University of California San Diego, in conjunction with IT Services Educational Technology at UC San Diego and funded by an Innovative Learning Technology Initiative grant from the Office of the President of the University of California (Melissa Famulari and Joel Watson, Co-Principal Investigators)

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    47 weeks