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About UC San Diego Online

In order to support the growing interest of online course and program delivery, UC San Diego launched a branded instance of Open edX in 2019 tailored to the learning needs of our campus and the global community. UC San Diego Online is based on Open edX, an open source learning management system (LMS) with a large supportive community. Open edX is the same platform that powers edX.org.

UC San Diego is committed to providing global access to scholarship and research via UC San Diego Online. Courses and programs provide opportunities to learn from and engage with the campus community.

The UC San Diego Online Team

UC San Diego’s Online is administered by the Teaching + Learning Commons and supported by Information Technology Services. This partnership enables the campus to provide a variety of educational opportunities to support academic degrees, career advancement and enrichment.

The Teaching + Learning Commons offers programs and services which create a contiguous, multi-layered network of support that jointly enhance learning and increase academic success.

Information Technology Services provides custom development and system maintenance that enables access to UC San Diego scholarship and teaching through the Open edX platform.

Contact Information

Courses and Programs on UC San Diego Online

Learners can access courses and programs developed and taught via UC San Diego directly through UC San Diego Online. Courses provide opportunities to access materials (e.g. multimedia, curated resources), check for understanding, and contribute to the community of learners.

Check the course or program description for the following characteristics:

  • Audience: Restrictions on any required learner affiliations (e.g. organizational affiliation, geographic region), if applicable
  • Cost: Enrollment fees for individual courses or programs
  • Dates: Specific day course materials will become available, and the date access will be removed
  • Time Commitment: Approximate amount of time that it will take to complete course activities
  • Prerequisites: Conditions that must be met (e.g. completion of a separate course) before a learner can enroll in a course

UC San Diego Online Accessibility

UC San Diego is committed to design and development processes that support providing an accessible website to the widest possible audience, regardless of technology or ability.

If you cannot access content or use features on any UC San Diego website due to a disability, please report the accessibility problem.