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A New Communication Framework for Healthcare: Foundations in Compassion


An innovative course to inspire compassionate communication in medicine and beyond. Learn
simple, repeatable skills to implement in your clinical practice and your life.

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About This Course

Whether you struggle or excel with communication, this course is for you. This course provides tools that will raise your skills in listening, awareness, connection and messaging. You also will learn to recognize some of your own limitations such as unconscious bias and using microaggressions. Our goal is to help rewire the way you think about communication with patients, colleagues and the public. Utilizing best practices in the arts and humanities, you’ll engage in stories and reflective practices, and be challenged to apply new skills and perspectives to your daily interactions. Interpersonal communication is a nuanced and complicated lifelong journey; these processes help you identify and hone your authentic talents to help you make more conscious and compassionate choices.

This course is taught by a multidisciplinary faculty with decades of experience as creators and innovators on the front lines of medical communication training.

What you will learn

  • Enhance skills in listening, awareness and perspective taking
  • Define empathy and compassion
  • Recognize the impact of language choices
  • Examine research surrounding compassion
  • Identify perspectives of different characters in a clinical story