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Bending the Curve: Climate Change Solutions, Course 4


Climate Steward Action Plans

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About This Course

At this point in the learner’s journey, they have an understanding of the complexities and necessities of bending the curve. This course provides an opportunity for the climate warriors to identify or create solutions that can be implemented in their own local, regional, national, and/or international communities. The potential solutions will be analyzed and strengthened by the input of the bending the curve community.

What you will learn

Course 4 provides an opportunity for climate solution learners to use their learning in the first three courses to develop a call to action for climate solutions. This capstone project includes three components: the solution project proposal and outline; the review and summary of relevant literature; and the final paper. Learners are supported by their peers and final projects are strengthened by review, and opportunities for improvement are shared in a collaborative community of climate champions.