Bending the Curve: Climate Change Solutions, Course 3 | UC San Diego Online
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Bending the Curve: Climate Change Solutions, Course 3


Scaling Up Solutions with Innovation

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About This Course

In the third course, we build on the scientific framework and multifaceted solutions approach to establish the importance of an international approach. We explore the challenges to implementation, along with practical techniques to mitigate the obstacles.

What you will learn

  • 3-1: Local Solutions (Keith Pezzoli, UC San Diego)
  • 3-2: Scaling Up Solutions to Global Levels (International Governance) (David G. Victor, UC San Diego)
  • 3-3: Economic Measures to Encourage Investment & Drive Innovation and Barriers to Scaling Up and Adoption (Maximilian Auffhammer, UC Berkeley; Stephen Davis, UC Irvine)
  • 3-4: Market Based Climate Policy (Mark R. Jacobsen, UC San Diego)
  • 3-5: California Climate Policy (Daniel Press, UC Santa Cruz; David G. Victor, UC San Diego)
  • 3-6: Living Laboratories - Carbon Neutrality Initiative of the University of California (Matthew St. Clair, UC Office of the President; V. Ramanathan, UC San Diego)