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Game Theory Video Handbook (GTVH)


This is a comprehensive handbook of video lectures covering the essential concepts and applications of noncooperative game theory, at a level suitable for advanced undergraduate students and first-year graduate students. The videos complement particularly well Watsons textbook "Strategy: An Introduction to Game Theory".

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About This Course

The Game Theory Video Handbook (GTVH) provides a rigorous introduction to noncooperative game theory, whereby strategic situations are modeled in a precise mathematical formulation that focuses on the choices of individuals (called “players”) who interact. The handbook presents the basic concepts, intuition, analytical steps, and applications of game theory at a technical level that is appropriate for upper-division undergraduate students. The content here is roughly what is covered in solid undergraduate elective courses on game theory. The GTVH also provides a good foundation for first-year graduate students.

Although game theory is a mathematical subject, the main ideas and definitions do not require calculus, so all of the concepts are presented without calculus. Calculus is utilized for some examples; lectures with such examples have “(Calculus)” in their titles, so students can easily identify which videos are appropriate for their level of mathematical training.

The notation used in this handbook is conventional. The GTVH can serve as a useful complement to any well-written textbook on game theory. A particularly good match is Strategy: An Introduction to Game Theory (third edition), by Joel Watson and published by W.W. Norton and Company (New York).

The GTVH was designed and developed by Professor Joel Watson at UCSD. The GTVH includes more than 50 video lectures and will soon be expanded.

What you will learn

Students will learn the essential concepts and technical results of noncooperative game theory, along with a selection of applications and analytical methods.


Knowledge of basic algebra is required throughout. Some examples and applications require knowledge of calculus (partial differentiation).


Is the GTVH a course or course materials?

The GTVH is a set of video lectures that serve as (i) course materials for game-theory classes at all colleges and universities and (ii) a resource for students learning game theory on their own. The GTVH is most effective when combined with a textbook (particularly Watson’s Strategy: An Introduction to Game Theory), mathematical exercises, and other resources.