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Econometrics Video Handbook (EVH)


This is a comprehensive handbook of video lectures covering a year-long econometrics sequence including the necessary probability and statistics concepts. The concepts and applications of econometrics are presented at a level suitable for undergraduate students and first-year graduate students who would like to refresh their econometrics knowledge.

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About This Course

The objectives of the Econometrics Video Handbook are to develop econometric methods for both prediction analysis and causal inference as well as to convey basic concepts in probability and statistics. A modern approach is taken to clearly distinguish prediction analysis from causal inference. While traditional econometric topics such as ordinary least squares are covered in great detail, the Handbook is oriented more towards recovering causal links among economic variables using experiments and quasi-experiments, control functions, instrumental variables, difference-in-differences, and regression discontinuity.

The Econometrics Video Handbook was developed and is maintained by Professors Brendan Beare, Eli Berman, Graham Elliot, Gordon Dahl, Yixiao Sun, Kaspar Wuthrich, Joel Watson, and Melissa Famulari of the University of California San Diego, in conjunction with IT Services Educational Technology at UC San Diego and funded by an Innovative Learning Technology Initiative grant from the Office of the President of the University of California (Melissa Famulari and Joel Watson, Co-Principal Investigators)

What you will learn

Students will learn basic concepts in probability and statistics as well as econometric methods for both prediction analysis and causal inference.


  • Principles of microeconomics

  • Calculus